Base Jumping

Live for the rush of true free fall?

Tired of dodging tickets and or arrest?Jumping from a balloon is a great way to avoid the dangers of a bad opening near a rock or building face while still getting to see the ground rushing up! We can do short ascents for a low opening rush or go for altitude and extend the free fall time!

The thrill of actually getting to push people out of the balloon and suddenly losing several hundred pounds causes the balloon to suddenly and rapidly gain altitude. The sudden fast ascent is just big fun for our pilots! In fact we should pay you! But we won’t, as it is actually pretty hard on the balloon and the lightly loaded balloon is much more difficult to land than when loaded with passengers.

We follow all known guidelines for safe jumping and require all jumpers to bring a logbook with at least two previous entries with openings at an altitude equal to or lower than requested when scheduling with us.

Our fee for this service is definitely higher than falling out of a plane. However, if you look over our usual prices you will find that it is actually lower than the rates for any of our other services. The reduced rate is due to reduced time in the sun for our balloons. Crew, chase vehicles and fuel remain fixed costs for us.

IMG_1164“This was awesome. Tim was funny to listen to and he even took us across to man made lakes. We had are original flight canceled because of the heat wave but we got right in when it cooled down. I would recommend them to anyone that wants the rude of a life time. And ask him about the breakfast spot.

~ Ross R., Citrus Heights, CA